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Long Term Player Development

Our academy is based around a long term development model that demands commitment & consistency from every player who joins. With a four day per week practice model we are confident we are the perfect place for any player with aspirations of playing college or professional soccer. 

Through a combination of practice elements every player will be offered a holistic experience covering technical, tactical, physical & character development throughout the player journey.

Position specific practices also play a vital role in our practice program. This includes attacking &  defending positional work & our two night goal keeper program. 

Off Field Player Development

Match Analysis - veo

We understand that watching yourself play is a great learning tool for player development. All academy teams will have their games recorded using the veo camera, every player will have access to view the games via a mobile app on their cell phone.

The coaching team will also hold match analysis meetings with teams at different times of the monthly practice schedule.

We are very excited to have this level of player development within our academy structure. 

Development V Winning

As part of our player development model we have created a graphic to display our focus in each area of competition throughout the season. 

We would like to offer every player the neccesary game time to improve his or her level of play whilst also ensuring we are competitive in the elite level competitions we enter.

Winning does not always mean you are developing & improving.

However, if you are developing players in a productive practice program then you should start to see positive results along your journey. 

Please view the attached PDF for full information.