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Recreation World Cup Tournament U10

By Peter Weber, 10/24/18, 2:30PM PDT


The World Cup Tournament has been part of the Napa United Soccer Club for 10 years. We encourage all eligible teams to participate and experience the World Cup Tournament. It is a positive event that will motivate the player’s development and a coach’s knowledge of the game. Remember, this is a recreational level tournament and the emphasis should remain on the players having fun, promoting and teaching the players good sportsmanship and honing their soccer skills (in that order). Please review with your players, parents and yourself the codes of conduct prior to tournament weekend as the codes of conduct will be strictly enforced. Make sure your codes of conduct are all signed as the codes will be checked prior to your first game.
The tournament dates and location are as follows:
• U10: Silverado Middle School 11/3/18 & 11/4/18
Tournament Rules Information:
• Playing times for games will be shortened to 20 minute half times
• All the same game rules apply (no. of players on the field, field/goal size, et c.)
• The point system for Saturday’s games is on the second page of this flier
• There will be Girls brackets and Boys brackets
For SUNDAY’S GAMES ONLY: In case of a tie game there will be Penalty Kicks:
A – Only those players on the field at the end of regulation will be able to participate in the first round of 5 PK’s
B – In case of a tie after the first round of player PK’s, the remaining players kick and kicking continues until one team wins – one kick for each team at a time (if tied, continue). Coaches decide the order of how the players will kick, but no player can take a second kick until all the players on the team have kicked
• A coin flip will determine which team goes first
• Goalie must stand on the line prior to the PK and can move left or right only prior to the kick
• Player will wait for the referee’s whistle before striking the ball
• The ball must completely cross the goal line to be considered a goal
• If at any time the forward progress of the ball stops and the ball has not crossed the line, play ends… No goal
Tournament Cost: U10 Team: $75, check or cash, paid to Mike or Octavio
Each team will play 2 games on Saturday to qualify for play on Sunday:
Teams that score the most points on Saturday will qualify to play on Sunday. The number of teams that advance to Sunday will vary by age group and teams entered. The Tournament Director will determine the number of teams that will advance to the single elimination round on Sunday.
World Cup Tournament Point Systems:
Saturday’s qualifying points system:
• 3 points for a win
• 1 point for a tie (No PK shootouts until Sunday)
• 1 point for a shutout
In case of a tie in the standings on Saturday, the following will be used as a tiebreaker in the following order:
1. Head to head matchup
2. Team with the fewer goals scored against
3. Team with most goals scored (5 goals maximum per game for points purposes)
4. Coin flip
We want each team to focus on both aspects of the game, defense and offense.
Sunday’s system:
• Single elimination
• Penalty kicks to break a tie
Awards will be presented for: 1st, 2nd and 3rd places
Coaches will receive their awards at the end of the final games
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the coaches and assistant coaches for your commitment to Napa United.
Mike Berger
Advisor to Napa United Soccer Club
2018 U10 World Cup Tournament Director