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About Us

Annual General Meeting

Dear Napa United Membership,

We welcome all members to join us on March 24 from 7:00-8:30pm via zoom for our Annual General Meeting. The Annual General Meeting marks the yearly board meeting where we update membership on our programs and our plans for the future. It is also a time where membership gets to vote on open Board of Directors positions. Mark your calendars and join us for this important event.

Positions up for Vote
VP of Coach & Player Development
VP of Referees

Vacant Positions
VP Business Development
Vice President

If you are interested to learn more about any of these positions, please see our by-laws with full descriptions.

To log into the zoom meeting, please click this link:


Watch this Video to Learn More About Napa United

Mission Statement

The mission of Napa United is to provide quality programs for our players, coaches, and families. We will provide the leadership and opportunities to build character and empower our members to be responsible citizens while allowing them to participate and experience success at many levels. The youth soccer experience is our priority, emphasizing safety, fun, fair play, communication and development.

Vision Statement

The vision of Napa United is to allow members of our community the opportunity to have a positive youth soccer experience in the Napa Valley.

Our History

Napa United was established in 1978 as Napa Youth Soccer League (NYSL); a California, tax-deductible, non-profit corporation. NYSL is a member of the California Youth Soccer Association – North ("CYSA"), and through CYSA is also affiliated with the United States Youth Soccer Association ("USYSA").
There are over 2,000 players throughout Napa County participating in Napa United programs and services.  Our rules and procedures, developed over the years, are designed to help make running a large organization go as smoothly as possible, to keep everyone focused on our philosophy, and to be in compliance with our parent organizations of CYSA and USYSA.
The purpose of Napa United is to offer an opportunity for youth to have fun and to learn about the game of soccer by playing it. Not only players, but coaches, referees, parents, and other family members are also invited to focus on having fun and learning more about soccer. A certain level of competitive spirit is good, but it is everyone’s responsibility to keep the focus on learning and having fun.
Each year, people are elected to positions on the Board of Directors. In addition there are appointed positions. Almost all of the people in these elected and appointed positions are parents or grandparents of players, just like you. While the emphasis is on organization and communication, please remember that our board members are all volunteers. Our number one priority is making sure players have the opportunity to have fun playing and learning about the great sport of soccer!
LEVELS OF COMPETITION: We have three levels of competition: Recreation, Club, and Academy. "Recreation" teams make up about 75% of all teams and are newly formed each year. Players on recreation teams are guaranteed to play at least half of each game (a coach can make exceptions under specific league guidelines). In Under 6 and Under 8 divisions, scores may be kept, but no standings are maintained.
Club and Academy teams are selected through tryouts with unbiased evaluators. These are valuable programs for the player who is interested in a higher level of development and competition. The Academy program is modeled after professional European programs under the direction of Academy Director, Gavin Taylor. Players are not guaranteed any specific playing time and the club and academy level. These teams play other Club teams within US Club and Nor Cal Premier districts, and are usually no more than one hour's drive away. Most teams play in 2-3 tournaments each season. Club soccer begins at the U8 age group, and academy typically begins at the U10 age group. If you are interested in playing for Napa United Club or Academy, please contact our VP of Coach and Player Development, Arik Housley