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What is Club Soccer?

If your son or daughter has an interest to continue to play soccer and would like to learn more about joining a club team, we can help.

There are several ways a player can join a club team:

1.      Participate in the “open tryouts” which are held in May.

2.      A recreation player joins a club team after the recreation season is completed. 

3.      Transfer from one organization to another organization which usually happens when a players’ family moves into a new area.

In all three examples, the player receives an evaluation from the coaching staff to determine whether there is a fit for the respective age group of the player being evaluated.

There are two seasons for club soccer: spring and fall. Games for spring season begin in mid-March and end in early May – right before Open Tryouts.

The travel is typically confined to Sonoma and Marin counties (exceptions for east bay or Ukiah but this is rare). There are approximately 8 to 10 games in the season with home games consisting of half the games. Occasionally, there will be a second Napa club team so the travel averages 3-5 games in a season. Most games are on Saturdays but there are also some Sunday games. Finally, the coach is encouraged to sign up for a tournament (Napa United pays for one free tournament each year for club teams). Tournaments are a fun, action-packed weekend of three to four games and usually are outside the area (e.g. Sacramento, San Jose, Danville, etc.).

If you’ve read this far, congratulations! We want to eliminate the “club” of club soccer so that everyone knows what the process is.

All our club teams have a coach that Napa United’s Director of Coaching and/or VP of Coach and Player Development has assessed. Anyone interested in wanting to coach will want to discuss coaching options with these individuals (we can provide that info upon request).

Team Formation
There may be some recreation coaches interested in taking their recreation team and simply move them to play as a club team. Unfortunately, we do not allow this process for a number of reasons. The main reason is we believe that the priority for club soccer is to develop the individual first, then team second. It’s quite normal for a recreation team to have a star player or two that makes the team better. However, if we can give that star player a chance to play within a team that has similar star players, we are providing a better developmental process for those individuals.

A panel of evaluators decide which players will play for certain teams. These choices are not made by the coach, but we do rely on coaches to provide their feedback and input on players.

It is not cheap to play in any competitive program and that includes soccer. However, we strongly believe that our club program is the best program in our entire region based off the cost. Our teams compete with some of the biggest names in the United States and we charge, in many cases, less than half of these other programs. We offer financial assistance for families in need. We DO NOT turn away players because they can’t afford to pay. In 2019 the starting rate for club soccer was $75/month. 

Currently, our club program has a team for nearly every birth year for both girls and boys. There are some teams that are light in rostered players and there are teams that have a heavy roster. 

It is typically more difficult for a recreation player to make the jump to club as the players get older. We start seeing a difference around the U10-U11 age group. The reason for this is club players at this age have typically been playing year-round for at least a year. whereas recreation players have been playing for 3-4 months. The additional 6-7 months of club training is hard for an older player to make up the difference. Keep this in mind if you decide to bring your player out to a club training session.

Are You Still Interested?
If you’ve read this far, chances are you have somebody in mind to try a club-soccer experience. Fill out this document and we will get in touch with you to arrange a time and location for your player to observe a training session, meet the coach, and find out if this is something your player is interested in. There is no obligation to commit at this point.

Napa United Communication/Non-Recruitment Policy

Communication/Non-Recruitment Policy

At Napa United we believe the reputation of our programs speak for themselves. For those who are new to Napa United, one will find that we focus on character development, on and off the field, all the while developing soccer players in a fun environment. Therefore, we expect all Napa United members to exemplify the highest standards of character.

Regarding our Club and Academy programs, Napa United intends to always work well with other clubs and we hope they are willing to collaborate with us. The ultimate purpose for all soccer clubs should be to ensure a program is the best fit for players and their families. As such, Napa United’s policy is strictly adhered to by its affiliated directors, board members, coaches, and managers. We also direct our players and families to follow the same policy.

Our policy is that all information of our programs from Napa United 1839 Academy, Napa United competitive, and Napa United recreational is made public on our website – to the best of our ability. The process for signing up, receiving communications, obtaining information about teams or tryouts, practice schedules, game schedules, summer camps, clinics and/or other programs is also made public – to the best of our ability.

If someone from outside Napa United is interested in our programs, they should be directed to the website first. If any interested party contacts a member of Napa United (a member is anyone signed up for a Napa United program, a contractor for Napa United, or a board member) the information exchanged will be public knowledge and accessible from our website – again, to the best of our ability. If anyone interested in a Napa United program requires further assistance, they should speak with Tom Shutt, Peter Weber, Gavin Taylor, or Arik Housley.  Those four will only clarify that which is public.

If a player is looking for additional information that is not public or couldn’t be considered public knowledge, it is agreed to have them reach out and communicate with both DOC’s to make the inquiries known.

Anyone not following this policy can be punished with sanction or suspension up to removal from Napa United in entirety.