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Fall Recreation

Fall Recreation Registration

We are now in the Late Registration Period which means players are wait-listed and only assigned spots to teams that need players. There is also a late-registration fee of $20 added to the registration. We will do our best to assign players but if we cannot, you will receive a refund. 

***Important Note:  Teams are formed by birth year on a calendar basis, not age at time of season, or by school calendar. Players must be registered with their birth year for the safety of all players. Players may not play down age groups. This is a United States Soccer Federation rule that changed 4 years ago and still causes a lot of confusion for parents. If your player has a birthday at the end of the year and causes him/her to be pushed up an age bracket (8-years old, for example) that player must be assigned to that new age bracket (U-10 for the example given). This is the single-most misunderstood requirement of assigning teams for recreation soccer and the most-commonly asked question we receive. We spend countless hours explaining this rule via phone and email. Please understand, if your child ages up in the calendar year of 2019, your child will play in that age bracket. Therefore:

  • Birth Year 2015-2014 = U6
  • Birth Year 2013-2012 = U8
  • Birth Year 2011-2010 = U10
  • Birth Year 2009-2008 = U12
  • Birth Year 2007-2006 = U14
  • Birth Year 2005-2004 = U16
  • Birth Year 2003-2001 = U19
  • If your player turns 4 on December 31st, he/she can play U6 soccer
  • If your player turns 6 on December 31st, he/she will be assigned to a U8 team

If your daughter is a 5th grader, is born December 31st of 2007, she will play with U14 teammates, and will play with players who are mostly 6th or 7th graders and the possibility of a few 5th graders. We understand this may not seem fair to some, but these are the rules. We apologize in advance if this is upsetting and may deter your child from playing. However, nearly every time, the player still has a good time making new friends and enjoys playing soccer. This author knows this all too well as his sons were born in November and December. Please do your best from contacting the Napa United Registrar or other staff members regarding this rule. The only exceptions we make is for players with special needs.

****Second Important Note:  Friend requests are requests only. There are no guarantees. 

Some things to remember:

  • This is for Fall Recreation Soccer which runs from mid-August to early-November
  • Registration is open until May 31st. 
  • Anyone who wishes to register after May 31st will pay a late fee and be put on a waitlist and will not be guaranteed a team.
  • If a waitlisted player does not get placed on a team, you will receive a full refund (less credit card processing)
  • Registration is cut off after June 30th
  • Initial teams will be formed early June and waitlisted players will be added during June to the best of our ability
  • Recreation players are primarily put on teams based on the school they attend to attempt to have school friends play together.
  • Practice location is not based on school option. Practice time, location, and day(s) of the week are determined by the volunteer coach and if you have a special need or request regarding practices you should potentially consider coaching to have more control over the practice schedule.
  • Unfortunately, we do not honor coach requests. We will continue to allow friend requests and school requests to the best of our ability when forming teams.
  • Special requests are treated on a first-come, first-serve basis
  • We want to achieve as close to a 50/50 mix of younger and older players on each team within each age group (e.g. 5, 8-year old and 5, 9-year old players for U10)
  • Coaches need to be determined before we place players on teams
  • For this reason, it is extremely vital that we have enough coaches
  • If you wish to volunteer as a coach or you know someone who would like to volunteer as a coach, please contact Silvia Angel at
  • You should be contacted approximately the first week of August by your coach welcoming your player to his or her new team!
  • Games will be played primarily on Saturdays but to make better use of our field space and referee availability we will also have occasional games on Sunday
  • Please note, the registration process requires many hours of volunteer work. To make this process more efficient, we welcome any volunteer help we can receive.
  • Please be prepared to upload an image and birth certificate of  your player. While this is not required for all ages, it will be more efficient for future registrations. 
  • FAMILY DISCOUNT:  If you are registering more than one player in your family, you will receive a $20 discount on the 2nd registration fee.  In order for the registration system to recognize that you are registering multiple players, please register all of your players at this time. 
  • Due to FIFA requirements, we are now required to ask for birthplace of participants. Please note, Napa United and Cal North Soccer does not use this information and consider it confidential.
  • The cost of recreation soccer is $175 for U6 and U8 programs for one child during open enrollment.
  • The cost of recreation soccer is $195 for U10 and above for one child during open enrollment.
  • A $20 late fee will be assessed during the late registration period.

Uniform Sponsors

Last year we implemented a sponsorship program for recreation uniforms. It was very popular among the businesses that participated, and we are offering this again. Due to popularity of the program, we need all sponsors committed by May 31st. If you are interested in sponsoring a recreation team, please notify

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