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U12 and U14 End of Season Tournament

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Winter Skills League - 7 SPOTS LEFT (12/3)

Program Name: Winter Skill League 

Dates: JAN 6th - FEB 1st 

Price: $125 (3 sessions a week for 4 weeks - roughly  $10 per session)

Location: West Park Elementary School (2315 W Park Ave, Napa, CA 94558)

Ages: 5-12

Coach: Tom Shutt and Napa United professional staff members

Information: Players get 2 sessions a week and 1 street soccer style game.

Concept: Players will work with a professional coach who’ll help develop players on and off the field. This program is for players who played Recreational soccer in the fall and looking to make the jump to club soccer or players who love the sport and want to continue. The aim of the program is to build the individual. We want our players to dominate the 1v1 in games with or without the ball. 


Monday and Wednesday - Start 1/6 - End 1/29 - 3 spots left!

Ages 5-6 - 3:45 - 4:25pm (45 mins) 

Ages 7-8 - 4:30 - 5:30pm

Tuesday and Thursday - Start 1/7 - End 1/30 -  4 spots left!

Ages 9-10 - 3:30 - 4:25pm

Ages 11-12 - 4:30 - 5:30pm

Friday Street Soccer - Start 1/10 - End 1/31

Ages 5-6 - 3:45 - 4:25pm

Ages 7-8 - 4:30 - 5:15pm

Saturday Street Soccer - Start 1/11 - End 2/1

Ages 9-10 - 9:00 - 9:45am

Ages 11-12 - 10:00 - 10:45am

A collection of recent success stories

From recreation first goals to the highest level of tournament wins, here are some photos for your viewing pleasure!

  • Real Salt Lake Champions The 2004 and 2007 boys traveled to Real Salt Lake and came away tournament champions.
  • Budapest FC 2008 boys signing jerseys with Budapest FC after the Future Cup this summer.
  • Team Housley Family Vineyards Team Housley Family Vineyards fighting for ball possession!
  • 1839 Signing Inspiring future stars
  • Regional Champs
  • Regional Champs
  • 2011 Boys Boo Fest Champs
  • 2012 Boys Boo Fest Champs
  • 1839 Rec Team
September-Days Photography

2008 Boys Back to School at Budapest

By Peter Weber 09/12/2019, 10:30am PDT

“Back to School” had an entirely different meaning for a dozen soccer players from Napa United. While many of their classmates were adjusting to the first days of middle school, players from the 2008 Napa United 1839 Academy team were getting lessons in Budapest Hungary.

The Future Cup in Budapest, Hungary hosted by Budapest FC brought together 20 clubs throughout Europe and Napa California. Many of these clubs are top professional clubs, highlighted by Hellas Verona of the Italian Serie A – the top professional division in Italy.

“This tournament is high-paced, no offsides, very intense, and full of attacking prowess,” commented Napa United’s Academy Director, Gavin Taylor. This is Gavin’s third time with a Napa United team travelling to Budapest. “Undoubtedly, several players from that tournament will become future professional players in Europe.”

Taylor should know. Before coming to Napa, Gavin Taylor served as the U18 coach and Head Skill Development for Fulham FC, one of England’s top professional clubs. “My former player, Ryan Sessegnon, who just now signed with Tottenham Hotspurs for $40 million, had his first taste of top football at this tournament,” said Taylor. “There were several players that reminded me of him.”

While a $40 million paycheck might not be in the immediate future for these Napa United players, Taylor did mention that tournaments like these will be more common for Napa United. “This is the type of event we want our players exposed to,” admitted Taylor. “We are preparing for the highest levels including our girls’ teams who are making a big impression in Northern California.”

As for the tournament results, the 2008 boys came in 13th out of 20. “There are big differences in the style of play in Northern California versus European professional squads. Many of the teams we played against are full professional squads, so finishing 13th speaks a lot of how well we performed.”

Adjusting to faster, more physical teams was one thing, recalled Taylor, however, the cultural differences were also eye-opening. “When it comes down to it, Napa is a small city compared to Budapest and the other major clubs we played against,” said Taylor. “Obviously there are differences in language, culture, and food. The boys learned a lot about themselves as people and footballers during this trip.”

The tournament also prepared the team for more soccer when they came back home. Napa United hosted its 31st annual Wine Country Classic over Labor Day Weekend and the 2008 boys won their division at the tournament.

As for what the future holds for Napa United’s 2008 boys remains to be seen. However, one thing is for certain. The relationship between Budapest and Napa is growing strong. “Next summer, we will be hosting Budapest FC in Napa,” announced Taylor. “These are exciting times for Napa United. We are bringing an international standard to Napa that our community can be proud of.” 


Soccer Photographs Re-Orders

If you love your photos, or didn't get a chance to order, and want to see your photo, follow the links listed below.

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Club Teams:
Academy Teams:

An 1839 Film Production

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Open House and Back to School Nights -- Cancel Practices

The following schools have events and practices will need to be cancelled or alternate plans must be made.

Silverado -- 3/31

From Rec to Club

Rec families,
As the rec season is now coming to a close I wanted to connect with all of our families. My name is Gavin Taylor & I am the Head of Soccer Operations for Napa United.

I currently oversee our academy program & will also be running the club program. Recreational soccer is not my immediate area but many of the players who are now in our club or academy program started their soccer life in the Napa United rec league so we recognize the vital role it plays in our player development pathway.

We would like to create a formal process for this pathway to continue.

There are two excellent options for Spring 2020 that means your child could continue being part of the Napa United soccer family.

Option 1: Winter Skills League
This is a groundbreaking initiative for soccer in the USA & will be
coached by Tom Shutt who is our Pre Academy Director. We expect places to fill up very quickly so do not hesitate to sign up.
The focus of this program will be individual skills & preparing players for club tryouts in May 2020.

Option 2: Club Teams for Spring 2020
We are aware that many players in rec may like to continue playing beyond the Fall recreation season. We would like to open up the opportunity for you to sign up & be considered for a club roster spot.

No players will be guaranteed a spot on a club team as there are
several factors before we can accept you. If you sign up using the link below our coaching team will then communicate directly with you to discuss next options.

Rec player sign up for club Team

Napa United is committed to offering players of all ages & ability
the opportunity to play the beautiful game. We believe these options meet that commitment & we look forward to
seeing you on the field.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Best regards,
Gavin Taylor
Head of Soccer Operations

Club Explained
If your son or daughter has an interest to continue to play soccer and would like to learn more about joining a club team, we can help.

There are several ways a player can join a club team:

1.      Participate in the “open tryouts” which are held in May by preparing in the Winter Skills League.

2.      A recreation player joins a club team after the recreation season is completed. See Option 2 above.

3.      Transfer from one organization to another organization which usually happens when a players’ family moves into a new area.

In all three examples, the player receives an evaluation from the coaching staff to determine whether there is a fit for the respective age group of the player being evaluated.

There are two seasons for club soccer: spring and fall. Games for spring season begin in mid-March and end in early May – right before Open Tryouts.

The travel is typically confined to Sonoma and Marin counties (exceptions for east bay or Ukiah but this is rare). There are approximately 8 to 10 games in the season with home games consisting of half the games. Occasionally, there will be a second Napa club team so the travel averages 3-5 games in a season. Most games are on Saturdays but there are also some Sunday games. Finally, the coach is encouraged to sign up for a tournament (Napa United pays for one free tournament each year for club teams). Tournaments are a fun, action-packed weekend of three to four games and usually are outside the area (e.g. Sacramento, San Jose, Danville, etc.).

If you’ve read this far, congratulations! We want to eliminate the “club” of club soccer so that everyone knows what the process is.

All our club teams have a coach that Napa United’s Director of Coaching and/or VP of Coach and Player Development has assessed. Anyone interested in wanting to coach will want to discuss coaching options with these individuals (we can provide that info upon request).

Team Formation
There may be some recreation coaches interested in taking their recreation team and simply move them to play as a club team. Unfortunately, we do not allow this process for a number of reasons. The main reason is we believe that the priority for club soccer is to develop the individual first, then team second. It’s quite normal for a recreation team to have a star player or two that makes the team better. However, if we can give that star player a chance to play within a team that has similar star players, we are providing a better developmental process for those individuals.

A panel of evaluators decide which players will play for certain teams. These choices are not made by the coach, but we do rely on coaches to provide their feedback and input on players.

It is not cheap to play in any competitive program and that includes soccer. However, we strongly believe that our club program is the best program in our entire region based off the cost. Our teams compete with some of the biggest names in the United States and we charge, in many cases, less than half of these other programs. We offer financial assistance for families in need. We DO NOT turn away players because they can’t afford to pay. In 2019 the starting rate for club soccer was $75/month. 

Currently, our club program has a team for nearly every birth year for both girls and boys. There are some teams that are light in rostered players and there are teams that have a heavy roster. 

It is typically more difficult for a recreation player to make the jump to club as the players get older. We start seeing a difference around the U10-U11 age group. The reason for this is club players at this age have typically been playing year-round for at least a year. whereas recreation players have been playing for 3-4 months. The additional 6-7 months of club training is hard for an older player to make up the difference. Keep this in mind if you decide to bring your player out to a club training session.

Are You Still Interested?
If you’ve read this far, chances are you have somebody in mind to try a club-soccer experience. Fill out this document and we will get in touch with you to arrange a time and location for your player to observe a training session, meet the coach, and find out if this is something your player is interested in. There is no obligation to commit at this point.

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