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Napa United Grieves for Alaina Housley

Alaina Housley lost her life in a tragic and senseless act in the Thousand Oaks shooting. Alaina was a Napa United soccer player ever since she could strap on her laces and chase a ball. Her father, Arik Housley, is Napa United’s VP of Player and Coach Development and owner of Napa Valley 1839 FC. Arik is instrumental in nearly every aspect of our organization from our “Little Kickers” program to our 1839 Academy. Whether you know it or not, Arik Housley has had an impact on every player, referee, coach, team manager, staff member, and board member of Napa United.

Please understand that if you do not know the Housley family, this loss has a major impact on every aspect of our operations. Please give the family, and those who are affected, the time to grieve appropriately.

For students (players) seeking grief counseling, please contact your school principal. Our board is also currently looking into additional resources to share for grief counseling and will provide that information to you when available. Support services are available at Vintage High, Silverado Middle School, Yountville Elementary, and Vichy Elementary where Alaina went to school.

Our love, thoughts, and prayers are with all the victims of the shooting and especially for Arik, Hannah, Alex, and Alaina’s extended family who all loved her dearly.

With heavy hearts,

Napa United Board of Directors

An 1839 Film Production

Fall Tournament Success Stories

  • 2006 Napa United Santa Cruz Breakers Champions
  • 2011 Boys Black 2nd in Brentwood Boofest
  • 2011 Boys Red 2nd in Brentwood Boofest
  • 2007 Boys 2nd in Creek Cup
  • 2004 Girls Evolution 2nd at Fremont Kick or Treat
  • 2009 Girls Champions Creek Cup Octoberfest on Golden Goal!
  • 2009 Girls Champions at Kick or Treat
  • U16 Napa Valley Orthodontics Dons at Founder's Cup
  • 2010 Girls First Ever Tournament at Creek Cup
  • 2007 Aftershocks 2nd at Kick or Treat
  • 2004 Boys Academy at Las Vegas Mayor's Cup International
  • 2004 and 2006 Academy Boys at Las Vegas Mayor's Cup International
  • 2008 Academy Fireworks at Placer United
  • 2009 Boys 3rd Place at Sac Boo Fest

The Sports Complex Dream is Not Just a Dream Anymore

Dear Napa,
Our community has been presented with an opportunity of a lifetime. A privately funded one too! Let’s not wait any longer. It’s time for us to build a fully diverse and functional state-of-the-art, "green", privately-financed, year-round recreational facility that brings our community a centralized location for parks, trails, sports fields and special community events for all ages.

That’s right, a recreational complex hosting baseball, softball, soccer, lacrosse, football and community events.  Sounds awesome, right?! If you didn’t catch the recent article in the Napa Valley Register, you can click on the link here to read it -  Napa-sites-among-candidates-to-host-multisport-complex or search for it on Google.
Please also check out the website outlining the concept, the complex and FAQ’s -
Most importantly, let’s spread the word! If you are in support of this project and want to help move it forward, here are 4 ways you can act now!

#1 - You can “Like” it on Facebook at and “Share” it with everyone you know.

#2 - You can write a letter voicing your support to the Napa City Council and Napa Board of Supervisors. Here are the links you can use to find their contact information -  Napa City Council  OR Napa Board of Supervisors 

#3 - You can write a letter of support to the City Editor of the Napa Valley Register OR click here to use the Napa Valley Register Letter to the Editor Link

#4 - You can tell the project leadership group what you want to see in the facility -

If you can please complete ALL FOUR action items, that would be great! This is our project, this is our chance to work together to make something special for our community. This project is a critical link that will help connect all the great efforts involved with our community’s hotel development and affordable housing initiatives as well.

If you have any questions, please email them to - 

It’s time. Let’s do this Napa, let’s go!


Napa Youth Lacrosse Club –                  
Napa United Soccer –
Napa Little League Baseball –            Napa Jr. Girls Softball –
Napa 1839 FC –


The Housley family has set up an official website for donating to raise Alaina’s voice. Per their website, this campaign is designed to “advocate for goodness, love, and life . . .” and “ . . .for our country’s leaders to unite us.” Their motto is: “Voice of Song, Voice of Strength, Voice of Spirit, Voice of CHANGE.” Visit to learn more and contribute. 

Friday Night Soccer

Friday Night Soccer 

Ages: 5, 6, 7 and 8

Dates:  1/4, 1/18 and 1/25

Location: Silverado MS Turf (Under the lights)

Cost: Free 

No registration link, just come along and play!

Coaches: Tom Shutt and Napa United club coaches

This is open to any player.  Classes will focus on foot skills and small sided games. Players are encouraged to bring a soccer ball due to the high number of participants. 

If you have any questions, please contact Tom Shutt 





Friday Night Soccer Nov 30th 2018

Rec/Club/Academy Goalkeeper Training

We will be back in 2019 with a bigger and better goalkeepers program catering for all playing levels. Please keep a look out for more details in the new year.


Napa united r2

Updates & News

Coach Registration For Recreation


If you haven't yet registered, please click this link to get yourself registered. 

Recruitment Policy

Napa United

Communication/Non-Recruitment Policy

At Napa United we believe the reputations of our programs speak for themselves. For those who are new to Napa United, one will find that we focus on character development, on and off the field, all the while developing soccer players in a fun environment. Therefore, we expect all Napa United members to exemplify the highest standards of character.

Regarding our Club and Academy programs, Napa United intends to always work well with other clubs and hopes they are willing to collaborate with us. The ultimate purpose for all soccer clubs should be to ensure a program is the best fit for players and their families. As such, Napa United’s policy is strictly adhered to by its affiliated directors, board members, coaches, and managers. We also direct our players and families to follow the same policy.

Our policy is that all information of our programs from Napa United 1839 Academy, Napa United competitive, and Napa United recreational is made public on our website – to the best of our ability. The process for signing up, receiving communications, obtaining information about teams or tryouts, practice schedules, game schedules, summer camps, clinics and/or other programs is also made public – to the best of our ability.

If someone from outside Napa United is interested in our programs, they should be directed to the website first. If any interested party contacts a member of Napa United (a member is anyone signed up for a Napa United program, a contractor for Napa United, or a board member) the information exchanged will be public knowledge and accessible from our website – again, to the best of our ability. If anyone interested in a Napa United program requires further assistance, they should speak with Tom Shutt, Peter Weber, Gavin Taylor, or Arik Housley.  Those four will only clarify that which is public.

If a player is looking for additional information that is not public or couldn’t be considered public knowledge, it is agreed to have them reach out and communicate with both DOC’s to make the inquiries known.

Anyone not following this policy can be punished with sanction or suspension up to removal from Napa United in entirety.

Winning the State Cup

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PG&E Financial Aid Sponsor

PG&E has donated $10,000 to Napa United's scholarship program so that all kids have a chance to play. Thank you, PG&E for supporting our community!

Coach Gavin Pep Talk

Our Sponsors

These fine organizations make what we do possible. Please show your support to these amazing sponsors and thank them for their commitment to our organization. Interested in becoming a sponsor? Contact our Fundraiser Advisor, Mark van Gorder at  Click here to learn more about our sponsorship opportunities

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PG&E Financial Aid Sponsor

PG&E has donated $10,000 to Napa United's scholarship program so that all kids have a chance to play. Thank you, PG&E for supporting our community!